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David and Caitlyn Taylor

Caitlyn had always dreamed of taking dancing lessons and the opportunity presented itself as the couple prepared for their wedding last month. She asked David if he would be willing to do something a little different for their first dance and luckily he was a good sport and agreed! Even though they have only been dancing for a short time the couple thoroughly enjoys every minute they spend spinning around the dance floor. They will be recreating their first dance to share with all of you! Prepare for a good mix of dazzle and comedy! They are dancing to honor two hard fighting survivors, David's grandfather William Dobbins and Caitlyn's mother Tammy Gillentine Hall.

Song: Ain't That A Kick In the Head by Dean Martin
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Kenzie Hall & David Taylor

Kenzie has danced almost from the time she could first walk. And as you might notice, Kenzie, was born with Down Syndrome. A situation that hasn’t defined her lifestyle in any way.

Even though she has always had a love for dance. Kenzie has only been taking dance lessons for the past three years. The renowned Ms. California, aka Lori Christensen, of WCHS and Cannon Arts Dance Studio, “ told” me when Kenzie graduated high school that, “Kenzie is coming to dance with me at the studio.” And dance she has. Jazz, hip hop, and ballet. We have been blessed with amazing instructors that celebrate Kenzie’s uniqueness, poise, and inner hoochie, lol.

Anyway, Kenzie ask at Christmas for a magical “Dirty Dancing” summer! How to make that wish come true presented itself at her sister’s wedding. She was able to train with the swing club at TN. Tech this summer, and dance to ‘The Time of My Life” at the wedding =) Kenzie’s dance is in honor of two courageous women and their battle with breast can…

HAWC (Helping Animals of Warren Co)

Helping Animals of Warren County, or HAWC, is a 501C-3 organization with the purpose of uniting people and organizations in Warren Co. to help animals. A few of their members wanted to join Dancing with Our Stars to show that not only are people's lives affected by this horrid disease, but that animals lives are too.
The youngest member of HAWC is Miss Emma Cathcart. She is 10 yo & in 5th grade. She LOVES to dance, draw, & love on all of her animals!
Bonnie Morris is one of the older members of HAWC. She has a huge heart for all animals & loves working with all the rescues & Kast-Away Kitties sanctuary. She is a foster mom of one & has 2 grandsons.
Hollie Cox is the President of HAWC & is the mother of 2 dogs, a cat, a ferret, & current foster mom of one dog & 2 cats! She devotes her free time to anything animal related & enjoys spending time with her family.

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